​​What type of items are you accepting?

We are collecting arm-deep, mid-sized, good-conditioned purses, handbags, and backpacks.

Fanny packs and wallets are too small.

Hotel travel-sized toiletries: soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions

Female products: pads, tampons

Other travel-sized items: deodorants, first aid products, dental hygiene products, combs, socks, sunscreen, chapstick, hair-ties, shower caps, makeup wipes, moisturizers, etc.

How do you pick up donations?

Email the branch closest to you and we will coordinate a way to pick them up!

San Diego: pursesforapurposesd@gmail.com

Los Angeles: pursesforapurposela@gmail.com

Washington DC: pursesforapurposedc@gmail.com

Where do you donate your finished purses?

We have emailed several homeless outreach organizations to assist and partner with putting together purses and coordinating distribution events.

If your organization would like to work with us, please email pursesforapurposeinc@gmail.com.

San Diego: Think Dignity, Duwara Consciousness Foundation

Los Angeles: Downtown Women's Center

Washington DC: Thrive DC